Play online Flappy Bird for free!

So do you think that if you create a game with poor, pixel graphics and flat, with a stupid, senseless and endless gameplay, which is limited only by a single action, with huge advertising banners on both sides of the screen and that, moreover, applies to all hated genre, whether people play it? Now you can play Flappy Bird online! And whether it will be in demand? Game Developer «Flappy bird» proved that the human brain, as well as taste preferences, it is simply impossible to understand. This game has all of the above criteria, but that does not stop her to take top positions App Store and Play Market.

But we are giving you a chance to play online Flappy Bird for free!

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In this game you must manage a bird that without our actions stone fall down when you touch the screen, the bird gets a little momentum, knocking it into the air. All we need – is to go the distance as much as possible. I «Flappy bird» scored 19 points and, frankly, insanely happy their achievements, as well as the undisputed leader in the office. In this game, there is nothing that could make pay attention to it, yet people do it. Perhaps in the game code enclosing some magic formula that causes an insatiable desire to control this bird to infinity – very difficult to find other logical explanation. However only now you can play online flappy bird!


play online flappy bird play online flappy bird

Game developers are not particularly steamed on the visual side of the project, and indeed looking at the game, it is very difficult to know whether Dong Nguyen tried to make the game a little bit attractive. Now you can easily play it online! The game does not change the location, there is only one kind of obstacles and she obviously stole from Mario Bros, animation movements birds are not full of diversity, it is necessary for the game to keep the device in a vertical position, horizontal although it would be much more convenient, top and bottom of the screen you’ll ever see advertising banners that can not be disabled – damn, this game is all there is no apparent advantages. I am confident that if this was known to breed stupid bird, right now it would be declared the world shooting, and if the developer finished in the main menu, the “curse of creation,” his e-mail would be inundated with the most exquisite curses. And yet, I’m also sure that the developer himself Flappy bird is not in the game and scored two dozen points.

play online flappy bird play online flappy bird

The game is absolutely free and is generally not recommended for download, as is a potential threat to your device. In addition you can play online flappy bird at our website.

Title: Flappy Bird Online
Publisher / Developer: Dong Nguyen
Price: Free
Built-purchase: Yes
Compatibility: Universal app
Reference: Play for free!

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